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Borehole Project

Over 10,000 people walk at least 5km to access clean water, AHF solved that !!!

The Angels of Hope Foundation (AHF) recently made a tremendous effort to improve the lives of the people of Yara Local Government Area (LGA), by drilling a borehole and providing a clean water system with a 6-year guarantee. The people of Yara LGA used to walk up to 5km to get clean water from the neighbouring community. The only other source of water was a dirty pond, which was the cause of numerous waterborne diseases, malaria and a host of other illnesses in the community. Recognizing the dire need of the people of Yara LGA with a popula of over 10,000, AHF took it upon themselves to make a positive change in the community. Not only did they provide clean water to the people, but they also took the opportunity to sensitize the people on the various ways they can prevent themselves and their families from different diseases, the importance of Girl child education, the disadvantages of hawking and the need for a healthy environment.


The people of Yara LGA are grateful for the efforts of AHF, and have already seen the significant difference that access to clean water has made in their lives. They have expressed their appreciation for the borehole and clean water system, noting that it has made a big impact in their community and has given them the opportunity to improve their health and wellbeing.

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