How it all Started

It was founded by a young Philanthropist Umar Naveed Mohammed Abdulmalik who turned his passion into reality and teamed up with his very supportive friends.

We the team at the Angels of Hope Foundation welcome you all to the start of a karmic movement, a most auspicious gathering of like-minded individuals, ranging from the teeming euphoric youths to the experienced and nurturing wisdom of the old. Spanning a vibrant variety of tribes of our beloved motherland from East to West, North to South, Muslims and Christians alike, all bound to a common goal, a covenant to Pay-It-Forward to our societies most needy. The orphan without mother or father to nurture them, the disabled confined to the sidelines of our society, the poorest of families wallowing in the despair of poverty, unable to cater to the most basic of human needs.

The concept of our philosophy of “Paying-It-Forward” is simply sharing with the needy, the surplus and abundance that God in his infinite generosity and mercy has blessed us with. By helping others we help ourselves, our communities. With monthly or weekly donations to the angels of hope foundation, you will be touching lives daily, you would be feeding someone, clothing someone, saving someone’s life by paying their medical bill and other life-saving ways.

The Angels of Hope Foundation are based in the most ancient philosophy of karma, whatever good you put out into the world will surely come back to meet you. The circle of good deeds is endless. We wish to convince you, nay, urge you to join hands with us In this monumental humanitarian task in the advancement of our societies most needy, equivalent to the untouchables of India. This is most unfortunate in this era we live in with advancements in science & technology, medicine, and other spheres of human endeavor.

About Us

The Angels of Hope Foundation is a Nigerian registered charitable organization, which provides philanthropic social services for the less privileged orphans and disadvantaged persons in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, with a focus on children orphans, disabled children, etc. and traumatized persons: with emphasis on women traumatized by domestic violence, rape, etc. and persons affected by the terrorist activities in the Northeastern region of Nigeria, the internally displaced persons, in addition to people with special disabilities regardless of gender, age, tribe or religion.
Within our foundation are philanthropic and awareness campaigns, we offer a broad range of core services with a deep awareness of the issues that are most important to our target demographic today. The Angels of Hope Foundation has resolved to focus on six (6) sustainable agendas with set measurable time-bound targets to tackle the most pressing human development, with our blueprint for our causes. These sustainable agendas are; Education, healthcare, clean water and sanitation, hunger and nutrition, welfare and youth empowerment, and shelter.


The Angels of Hope Foundation is strategizing short term and long term strategies and goals, innovative out of the box ideas that will assuage the weight of our present humanitarian endeavors. We are open to partner with individuals, the corporate sector, local, and international donor agencies to work out these issues on a national level.
We intend to also engage the United Nations, UNICEF, UNESCO, World Bank, IMF, and other large scale foundations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, Dangote Foundation and many other organizations in the quest to achieve our collective goals.
For our initial phase under our short term goals, we’re developing a strategy to provide feeding clothing and medical care for some orphan homes. In our bid to keep them fed, clothed, and in good health. A sound mind and body is definitely a recipe for success.
In our Long term goals, we wish to offer scholarships to orphans for them to be opportune with the same standards and qualifications any other normal child has to move on in life and be successful, have a career as a lawyer, doctor, or engineer.
In this day and age, the peoples of Nigeria, especially the youth, must design and agree on a bold vision for the future generations. The Angels of Hope Foundation with 6 Goals and a set measurable time-bound target, resolve to establish a blueprint for tackling the most pressing developmental challenges of our time. Especially affecting the less privileged. The time for action is now.

The Angels of Hope Foundation resolve to actively participate in these 6 areas of Human Endeavor.

1. Education

In education, we shall endeavor to help less privileged children with scholarships, uniforms, notes, and textbooks, etc. While canvassing for better care from state and federal governments. Ensuring that children at care homes, boys and girls alike, will be able to complete a full course of primary schooling. We also plan to renovate and stock old rundown schools across the country.

2. Healthcare

Healthcare in our country is at a low, making it much harder on the less privileged on the edge of society to be healthy. Efforts must be made in the areas of malaria, typhoid, tuberculosis, and other preventable diseases. Support must be given to those with chronic and acute ailments like Sickle Cell Anemia and Asthma. Improved immunization programs will be of much help for better results. The culmination of these efforts will reduce child mortality rates. The angels of hope foundation will join other organizations in promoting better healthcare.

3. Clean Water and Sanitation

Many people still rely on unsafe water sources for their drinking water. Hence, exposing themselves to many communicable diseases, most times resulting in death. Access to clean water and better sanitation is a must for a healthy society, especially for the less privileged who reside in these places of low sanitation and unsafe drinking water. We must sensitize and provide alternatives for these unsafe water sources, and also improve sanitation.

4. Hunger/Nutrition

Nutrition in our local orphanages and other child care homes is insufficient for the number of children residing in such homes. Immediate efforts must be exerted to reverse this trend. By implementing feeding programs in these homes so that no child will go to bed hungry and malnourished.

5. Shelter and Youth Empowerment

The government, individuals, the private sector must participate in this area expediently. The number of orphanages and other care homes is not sufficient to cater for the hordes of less privileged children roaming the streets, mostly being taken advantage of by nefarious people. Huge efforts will be made to provide such homes by the Angels of Hope Foundation “Angel Homes”, in collaboration with relevant organizations. Providing shelter for our future leaders of tomorrow.

6. Welfare

Improved welfare systems through partnerships with government and relevant organizations, will go a long way in improving the lives of these children. Availing them opportunities they have never dreamt of. With the addition of youth empowerment programs, places them at an advantage, exposing them to entrepreneurial, vocational skills, and other self-improvement opportunities.

The Angels of Hope Foundation with support from developmental partners, and in collaboration with the private sector will launch such specialized initiatives and interventions for the furtherance of our cause for the children, disabled persons, and all-round less privileged persons.

Join us in this endeavor, with your support, we shall prevail.

We would also like to educate them on vocational skills and other training. Such as tailoring, masonry, agriculture, soap making, and many others. Also supplying them with the tools to ply their respective trades. Giving them the satisfaction of being contributing citizens of our fair nation.

So, we implore you to participate with us in this humanitarian duty of uplifting these less privileged individuals from grass to grace, from tears of anguish to tears of joy. Experiencing such a happy transformation and being proud to have been in the process of this immense upliftment, is a joy that money cannot buy.

Join Us, To Pay It Forward