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Computer Appreciation Projects

In 2021, The Angels of Hope Foundation hosted the KoolKit, a computer appreciation program designed to provide basic computer knowledge to 10 orphans between the ages of 10 and 13. The KoolKit contained a variety of activities and exercises to help the orphans learn the basics of computer usage, such as keyboarding, basic computer navigation, and internet safety. The program also included interactive lessons and games that helped the orphans learn about the various applications and programs available on computers.

The Angels of Hope Foundation sponsored the KoolKit for the 10 orphans, providing them with the necessary equipment, materials, and instruction needed to complete the program. The Foundation also provided them with snacks and refreshments throughout the duration of the program to ensure that the orphans had the energy and focus to fully understand the concepts being taught. At the end of the program, the Foundation presented the 10 orphans with certificates acknowledging their successful completion of the KoolKit.

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