₦ 6,550.00 of ₦ 2 million raised
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₦ 6,550 of ₦ 2 million raised

The concept of our philosophy of “Paying-It-Forward” is simply sharing with the needy, the surplus and abundance that God in his infinite generosity and mercy has blessed us with. By helping others we help ourselves, our communities. With monthly or weekly donations to the angels of hope foundation, you will be touching lives daily, you would be feeding someone, clothing someone, saving someone’s life by paying their medical bill and other life saving ways.

The angels of hope foundation is based in the most ancient philosophy of karma, whatever good you put in the world will surely come back to meet you. The circle of good deeds is endless. We wish to convince you, nay, urge you to join hands with us In this monumental humanitarian task in the advancement of our societies most needy, equivalent to the untouchables of India. This is most unfortunate in this era we live in with advancements in science & technology, medicine and other spheres of human endeavour.


The angels of hope foundation is strategizing short term and long term strategies and goals, innovative out of the box ideas that will assuage the weight of our present humanitarian endeavours. We are open to partner with individuals, corporate sector, local and international donor agencies to work out these issues on a national level.

We intend to also engage the United Nations, UNICEF, UNESCO, World Bank, IMF and other large scale foundations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, Dangote Foundation and many other organizations in the quest to achieve our collective goals.

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