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The Common Room

In 2020, Angels of Hope foundation partnered with KIT Academy, an enterprise training platform that fosters economic growth & human capital development.

The vision of the project was to see communities restored and transformed through an empowerment training platform called ”The Common Room”. 

The theme for the 2020 edition was ”Changing the world one entrepreneur at a time”. 

The project built capacity through youth-driven projects and programs. Enabled them to gain skills, confidence, and visibility while building community awareness. It enabled participants to develop and practice important team building, leadership, critical thinking, problem-solving, and organization skills.

On the maiden edition of this project, we enrolled thirty successful candidates from Zuru, Fakai, Danko-Wasagu, and Sakaba Federal Constituency of Kebbi State into the program. These young entrepreneurs were trained and mentored to become leaders in their preferred field of practice with a global competitive advantage. 

The project is designed to run in three (3) phases which includes the following:

PHASE 1 (SELECTION & ONBOARDING): This phase involves the screening of candidates, recruitment of successful candidates, and a one-day pre-orientation program at the constituency level. 

This was completed in 2020

PHASE 2 (BOOT CAMP): This phase is regarded as boot camp because the trainees will be camped outside their comfort zone with a high level of discipline for 2 weeks where several facilitators (experts in their fields) will take them through the theoretical aspect as well as the general overview of what is obtainable in their respective field.

This was closed out in 2020

PHASE 3 (INTERNSHIP): This is the final stage, where the trainees will be attached to successful entrepreneurs/ organizations in their chosen field for a minimum of six months.

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