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Financial Help For Poor Families

Women Empowerment with Rotary Club Abuja Federal. The goal of the project was to empower and increase the earning power of the women in the rural community. It was a huge success. The women were eager to learn and apply the skills taught. The training was designed to increase their confidence in themselves and their ability to start and run successful businesses. We partnered with the Angels of Hope Foundation to provide the training and grants. The foundation was instrumental in helping to identify the right women to participate in the project and in providing the necessary resources. The women have since gone on to start their own businesses. They have found success in selling food items, providing services and selling farm produce. The training and grants have provided them with the confidence and resources to start and manage their businesses. The success of the project has shown that with the right tools and support, women in rural communities can become empowered to start their own businesses and make a living for themselves and their families. We are proud of the achievements of the women and the impact the project has had in their local community. We are also thankful for the support of the Angels of Hope Foundation and their commitment to empowering women and helping them to reach their full potential.

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